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Why Glaser Media

With a record number of journalists leaving the business, who ISN'T a media trainer these days? But not all trainers are the same.  It isn't enough to know newsroom decision-making.  You need to know how to TEACH, as well.  And teach in a way that keeps students involved and motivated.  We do. Discover the Glaser Media difference.  Read on.


Track Record

We train senior executives at some of the biggest companies in the world. Our track record of success is unsurpassed.
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Teaching Ability

In the world of media training, we see too much emphasis on "media" and not enough on "training."  At Glaser Media, we're proud of our superior teaching skills.
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There's no substitute for working "in the trenches."  Garrett was a business reporter at CNBC for seven years.  He knows what works and what doesn't. More importantly, he knows how journalists think.  
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