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What We Do

GLASER MEDIA LLC helps clients communicate as simply, honestly and effectively as humanly possible — whether the message is positive or negative. No matter if it's an interview with The Wall Street Journal, a speech to your industry or an upcoming call with Wall Street analysts, we can help. We are not generalists; we're specialists. See below for more and thanks for visiting GLASER MEDIA LLC.

-Garrett Glaser, M.A. Communication Management


Media Training

Glaser Media teaches you how to package your message — and deliver it — for maximum effectiveness with the news media.


Public Speaking

Whether you're addressing 10 or 10,000, every listener should walk out of that room feeling a personal connection to your words.  We can show you how to do that.

Message Design

Garrett was a CNBC business reporter who wrote and produced hundreds of stories.  He knows which messages work and which don't.