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"Garrett media-trained six of our merchants to prepare them for media interviews. Afterward, each said they found the training to be top-notch! Garrett's background in journalism gave him instant credibility, but it's his style that really won them over. He makes the training interesting and informative. Most importantly, though, he makes it easy. With Garrett, you get the inside scoop on what reporters are looking for, AND you get it in an easy to digest manner. I can't wait to work with him again."

 -Susan McLaughlin, Director of Corporate Communications, The Vitamin Shoppe


"I first met Garrett when he was a senior retail reporter at CNBC and was struck by his professionalism and dynamic personality ? and was so pleased when he decided to share his in-depth industry knowledge as a media consultant. Garrett is a fantastic media coach, knows everyone in the industry and is great to work with! He's my secret weapon when preparing for a tough interview.”

 -Lisa Sandberg, former Head of US Public Relations, H&M (Hennes and Mauritz)


“Garrett is a veteran broadcast journalist who brings both his on-camera expertise as well as careful research, and a probing manner, to each assignment. He directs trainings in ways that are personal to the client but also covers the broader issues well. He has done an excellent job for MWW Group on several assignments to date, and I expect to continue to engage him regularly."

 -Sean Dougherty, Group VP, MWW Group/Interpublic, New York



"I worked closely with Garrett many times while he was with CNBC. He is as professional as they come. Even more importantly, he simply gets it. His media presence and business savvy come through every time."

 -Scott Krugman, VP, Public Relations, National Retail Federation


"He was a fantastic reporter to work with. Very responsive."

 -Deborah Weinswig, Managing Director, Citigroup/Smith Barney


"I've known Garrett for 20 years.  He's as good as it gets in communications.  Personable. Great expertise. High Integrity."

  -Michael Collins, former Director, Video Production, Ford Motor Company


"I was interviewed by Garrett many times while he was at CNBC.  His professionalism under deadline was outstanding. With breaking news items, he assimilates complex information fast and assembles an accurate, complete and balanced story. His business judgment is excellent, and he works to extremes to deliver quality results. I was not surprised to learn that his investigative journalism skills won him an Emmy award and that he's earned the respect of so many clients.

 -Tom Lauria, former Equity Research Director and Senior Analyst, Telecom Equipment Sector, ING Barings


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