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Like it or not, it's a world in which network news programmers have no qualms about airing unverified cell phone video from just about anyone. As "news" and "reality" schedules expand, the dangers of a "misspeak" are ever greater. That said, it's also true that every interview presents an opportunity to build brand and reputation.

What does it all mean?  Just this: being media-trained has never been more important. Let us show you how to package your message for maximum effect while maintaining control of every media interaction you face.


Our media training includes:

  • Appearance, comportment, elocution
  • "Ambush" interviews
  • Being heard in a multi-guest format
  • Be prepared in a cellphone camera world
  • Body language/non-verbal cues
  • Bridging techniques
  • Dealing with an angry audience
  • "Feeding the Beast"
  • Handling satellite audio
  • Hair, apparel, make-up
  • Hostile or irrational host
  • How reporters work
  • How to handle statistics
  • Integrating the message
  • Leading a press conference
  • Radio call-ins
  • Satellite audio delays
  • Satellite media tours (SMTs)
  • Telephone interviews
  • The GREAT guest
  • Video news releases (VNRs)